April 5, 2019

CRC Lecture Series 27.05.2019: !CANCELED! Beyond Geography’s comparative impulse? On methods and modes of staging comparison in geography

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this lecture is canceled. 0
April 5, 2019

CRC Lecture Series 06.05.2019: Afrotopia, African Renaissance, Afropolitanismus and Afrofuturismus: Four concepts of African Futures

by Dr. Lena Kroeker  Currently, various visions of African Futures circulate. They follow distinctive variations in their concepts and this presentation aims at shedding light on four […]
March 17, 2019

What will the future of rural Africa look like? Seminar on land use transformations by mega-development projects and their implications for local communities in Eastern Africa

By Marie Müller-Koné Two collaborators of the CRC Consortium, Dr. Kennedy Mkutu (Project B03 Violent Futures?), from United States International University Nairobi (USIU-Africa), and Dr. Eric […]
March 6, 2019

Stakeholder workshop on “Dynamics of human-water interactions in the Kilombero Catchment”

The workshop was jointly organized by the Institute of Development Studies, Mzumbe University, Tanzania (also part of sub-project C03) and the Department of Geography, University of […]