December 14, 2018

Searching Futures elsewhere – a story from Western Kenya

Almost ten years have passed since the last time I had walked with David Odhiambo through the land of his ancestors. From afar, it appears as […]
December 13, 2018

CRC/TRR 228 “Future Rural Africa” – Retreat in Unkel, 22.-24.11.2018

Retreat in Unkel, 22.-24.11.2018 After the first year of successful cooperation, the members of the CRC/TRR 228 “Future Rural Africa” met in the small town of […]
December 10, 2018

Postdoc-Kids&ElderCare. A measure of the Female Professors Programme II at the University of Cologne

Guidelines for Postdoc-Kids&ElderCare (English version) Listing of day-care-costs for application for Postdoc-Kids&ElderCare (English version) Richtlinien Postdoc-Kids&ElderCare (German version) Aufstellung der Betreuungskosten für die Bewerbung für Postdoc-Kids&ElderCare (German version)   0
December 6, 2018

PhD students of the sub-project C03 “Green Futures” attend the OECD 6th Green Growth Forum 2018 in Paris

By Antony Ogolla and Rene Vesper In the quest to investigate how ideas of green growth are travelling from the global level (here: OECD headquarter in […]