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What article are you currently reading that has captured your attention the most? How are the author’s arguments relevant to your field of research? You are invited to participate in our new blog entry segment, CRC Reads, a platform to share your thoughts and reflections on current literature surrounding your research. Short submissions should be within the range of 80 – 150 words. Longer reads are also acceptable and welcomed. Lastly, please include a picture of yourself in the submission. Please note that the entries will be posted on our webpage (blog format) and on our twitter page. Please submit your entry to Happy reading and writing!
  • Temporalizing modern planning
    In the introduction to their edited volume Elusive Promises: Planning in the Contemporary World, Simone Abram and Gisa Weszkalnys (2013) introduce their understanding of modern planning […]
  • Of aid and trade
    Dambisa Moyo’s seminal book Dead Aid is the antidote to past and current development strategies of western countries for Africa: development aid. Moyo’s solution? Foreign direct […]
  • Reflections on power, hierarchy, and knowledges
    Can we get rid of ‘the west vs.” the rest”’? Well, it is never too late to reflect on hierarchical structures in development research – and […]
  • The capacity to aspire: Culture and the terms of recognition
    Anthropologist, Arjun Appadurai, begins his essay on the “Capacity to Aspire” with a captivating statement that “Poverty is many things, all of them bad, including material […]
  • An abstract image of idea design.
    CRC Reads: Future making through design thinking
    Thinking about technological innovations in the field of development, this latest book by Arturo Escobar – one of the most famous post-development thinkers – offers an […]
  • Anthropology from home
    Magdalena Góralska (2020): Anthropology from Home: Advice on Digital Ethnography for the Pandemic Times. Anthropology in Action 27(1): 46-52. DOI: “Whatever the future holds, the […]