Project Summary

Another important part of our work focusses on awareness-raising issues. This includes sensitization work concerning gender equality, as well as gender roles, gender diversity and intersectionality. The intersection of gender and race in particular plays an important role in the context of scientific North-South partnerships like the CRC, which is why we want to raise awareness to the research process as both gendered and racialized.

Besides addressing the women working at the CRC, we want to encourage male members to reflect on privileges and hierarchies as well. Thus, we open several events for all genders.To get a picture of our work in this context, you can find a list of our previous activities below:

  • 15.10.2018

    Lecture “Gender-terror? Gender-nonsense? Gender trouble! Yes, please.” with Mara Mürlebach
  • 08.07.2019

    Lecture “Progressive Masculinities” with Muriel Aichberger
  • 05.12.2019

    Workshop “Cooperative Communication. Gender workshop for scientists” with Dr. Saskia Schottelius
  • 29.06.2020

    Workshop “Gender Equality, power and hierarchy” with Nicole Günther and Andrea-Vicky Amankwaa-Birago
  • 12.10.2020

    Lecture “Exiting the Comfort Zone and Entering the Contact Zone. Postcolonial Feminist Ethnographies between Self-Reflexivity and Anthropology of Postcolonial Power Relations” with Vanessa E. Thompson
  • 08.10.2021

    Workshop “Unconscious Bias in Science” with Dr. Lina Vollmer

Avenues for Awareness

In the following, you can find more information about sensitization issues, offered by the Universities of Bonn and Cologne:

Gender and Diversity Management (University of Cologne) & Gender Equality Office (University of Bonn)

These points provide information about topics such as gender-sensitive language, gender diversity, anti-discrimination or sexualized violence and offer counseling services on gender equality. At the University of Cologne, there is an annual “Diversity-Week”, including several workshops, lectures, readings and other activities. More information about the Gender and Diversity Management (University of Cologne) & Gender Equality Office (University of Bonn) is available in the hyperlinks.

Gender Studies in Cologne

The GeStiK institute organizes an annual lecture series on actual topics within the field of gender studies. You can find other interesting lectures and seminars on gender (equality) and feminism at the websites of both Universities’ different faculties (e.g. Faculty of Arts and Humanities/Faculty of Arts). Click here for more information