“Self-Management Competence Training”  by Covellcoaching, Köln –  Jutta Winkels

Date: 30.-31.10.2018 in Steinfeld

The following contents are part of the workshop:
1. my personal style of working and acting – what drives me, when does motivation decrease? What pace of life and work corresponds to my constitution?
2. my motives and needs in comparison with my personal and professional plans, goals, tasks and other activities
3. the roles in my life and their energy balance – private and professional
4. How do I lead myself? Mental and emotional self-control and regulation
5. self-management = personal time and target management
6. planning methods and instruments
7. time wasters and their causes
8. work blockages, unconscious behaviour patterns and “strange habits” that prevent efficient work processes
9. dealing with stress and strain

Additionally we have the offer to participate in BIP® (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ydn5cA5hPtE)
BIP® has been specially developed for applications in personnel management (personnel selection and placement, training and coaching measures,
feedback processes and career advice). Interdisciplinary competences are an important determinant of the professional success. This is where BIP® comes in with the recording of personality facets relevant to professional life. With a total of 14 dimensions, personal Aptitude requirements such as work behaviour (conscientiousness, flexibility, action orientation), professional orientation (performance motivation, design motivation, leadership motivation) and social skills (sensitivity, contact ability, sociability, team orientation, assertiveness) by means of a self-evaluation questionnaire as well as the psychological constitution (emotional stability, resilience, self-confidence)