Project Summary

One part of our gender equality work focusses on promoting the career progression of female scientists of the Future Rural Africa project, CRC228, not only by advancing their professional competencies, but also by strengthening self-awareness and supporting them in expanding their networks.Therefore, we initiate diverse seminars such as; empowerment workshops, individual coaching and trainings addressing topics such as research presentation, communication, resilience, just but to mention a few. Additionally, we provide financial support in the form of research grants. In 2021, we introduced the female scientists, research grant, with the objective of increasing scientific output from the first introduced in 2021, will continue increasing visibility, networks and create expertise. Both Universities of Bonn and Cologne implement further gender equality schemes. The participation fees of workshops concerning gender equality can be covered by the fund of the gender board, where required.

To get a picture of our work in this context, you can find a list of our previous activities below:

  • 30./31.10.2018

    Seminar “Self-Management Competence” with Jutta Winkels
  • 08./09.10.2019

    Seminar “Resilience-training for female scientists – How to transform a crisis into a challenge” with Dr. Saskia Schottelius
  • 11./12.11.2019

    Seminar “Voice and Body Coaching for Female Scientists: Communicating with Confidence and Accuracy” with Julie Stearns
  • 2020

    Female Scientists Empowerment Online-Coaching (5 Sessions) with Dr. Melanie Wenzel

Workshops & Trainings

Female Career Program (University of Cologne)

The FCP provides workshops concerning career planning, (self-)presentation, networking and communication. Click here for more information.

Open Training and Coaching Program (University of Bonn)

The Office for Gender Equality offers several workshops in order to promote the academic career of female researchers. The program is open to all junior female researchers at the University of Bonn. Click here for more information.


Cornelia Harte Mentoring (University of Cologne)

The Cornelia Harte Mentoring schemes combine one-to-one mentoring with coaching, general skill training and networking. The program is aimed at female doctoral students as well as postdocs and takes place every year. Unfortunately, it is a german-speaking program.

Click here for more information.

Gender Mentoring Agency (University of Cologne)

The annual GMA program includes individual coaching as well as networking events, education opportunities and conference scholarships. It aims at female students and doctoral candidates at the University of Cologne. Click here for more information.

International Female Scholars Mentoring (University of Cologne)

The IFS program for female doctoral students and postdocs from abroad combines one-to-one mentoring with network meetings, training and a variety of workshops. Click here for more information.

MeTra Program (University of Bonn)

The MeTra mentoring and training program provides several training and career seminars as well as individual counselling. It is aimed at female doctoral students, postdocs and junior professors. Unfortunately, it is a german-speaking program.Click here for more information.

Financial support

Maria von Linden Program (University of Bonn)

The Maria von Linden Program offers financial support to female doctoral students, postdocs, junior research group leaders, private lecturers and junior professors. Click here for more information.

STEP Program (University of Bonn)

The STEP Program includes measures to increase the share, visibility and networking of female researchers, those to improve the participation opportunities in decision-making processes as well as financial support for female researchers at all career stages, e.g. the Annemarie Schimmel Scholarship for female postdocs. Click here for more information.