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International Partners

Reliable and lively partnerships will be essential for the planned program and cooperative research activities. The CRC will strengthen and expand the existing networks with institutions and individuals in Africa. To facilitate participation of African research partners in CRC events and scientific cooperation, the CRC therefore applied for funding of travel expenses and daily allowances of partners and guests, especially from Africa.

 The following examples explain the role of guests from partner institutes in selected major joint research activities:

- In A01 Namibian scientists of UNAM will contribute to the central field experiment. For that purpose, they will have to travel between Windhoek and Katima Mulilo on multiple occasions.

- In A04, partners from Kenya and Namibia will conduct field surveys that directly contribute to the scientific program of the project. In B03 and C02, the Kenyan counterpart Kennedy Mkutu will contribute to certain work packages by conducting own research and supervising local junior scientists in areas of securitization and conflicts.

- In B04, the Kenyan counterpart will conduct surveys and interviews with religious leaders to assist the data collection conducted directly by the project. Finally, in C03 partners from all three countries will provide backstopping support the PhDs during their field work and contribute to the conceptual synthesis of the project.

A number of collaborations with African universities and research institutions have already been established through MoUs or are in preparation. It is planned to establish a regular exchange and invitation program with the aim to fully integrate African partners in the joint program. A major obstacle faced by faculty members of African universities is their heavy work load in teaching. The University of Bonn will therefore provide funds for African counterparts that will be used for temporal replacements, allowing them to devote their full time to the cooperation.

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