Project Z02, Data Management and Services (INF)

Project Summary

Management and sustainable provision of research data have been recognized as central tasks in interdisciplinary research efforts. Consequently, the focus of service project Z02 (INF) during the 1st funding phase was on establishing research data management (RDM) services and infrastructure including the TRR228 database (TRR228DB) as a secure, stable, multi-user operable and sustainable data repository that enables the (re-)use of all project related research data during the project lifetime and beyond. The architecture of the TRR228DB was in-house developed following the guidelines of the DFG on the basis of the CRC/TRR32 database and in close cooperation with the Regional Computing Centre Cologne (RRZK) where the infrastructure is hosted. Major work packages of the project comprise the redesign of structure and user interfaces according to the needs and structure of the CRC, as well as the development of the TRR228 Metadata Schema from recent versions of existing metadata standards. Furthermore, a focus is set on the establishment of a data policy to outline principles regarding the handling of CRC-TRR 228 project data by project members and third parties, as well as continuous RDM training and support for all project partners to raise awareness for the importance of data management. Z02 (INF) has a key role within the CRC by ensuring the sustainable management and central storage, documentation, (re-)use and exchange of research data. Consequently, there is a structural linkage of Z02 (INF) to and cooperation with all projects within the CRC.

Keywords: Research Data Management, Database, Metadata

Key Achievements

1. Online survey on demands and needs of data management services among all CRC-TRR 228 project members

2. Successful establishment of the TRR228 database as a central data repository for all types of CRC228 project data. The database is accessible online at since November 2018

3. Development of a project specific metadata schema to ensure a sufficient description of all types of project data from different scientific disciplines (Kramm and Curdt, 2020).

4. Establishment of a DOI application system for datasets in the TRR228DB.

5. Organization of regular trainings and workshops on data management topics and the handling of the database for interdisciplinary research groups

6. Implementation of the Transdisciplinary Diary (TDD) for internal sharing of field observations and ideas.

7. Elaboration of CRC-TRR228 Project Database Data Policy and adoption to the CRC-TRR 228 statutes to provide directives and rules for data provision, exchange and reuse


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Outlook for phase II (2022 - 2025)

The handling of research data and provision of appropriate services will also be of great importance in the 2nd funding phase of the CRC-TRR228. Thus, project Z02 (INF) will continue the maintenance and further development of the TRR228 database system (TRR228DB) according to project needs, as well as demands from used standards and interfaces (e.g. metadata interoperability). Furthermore, continuous training and support of CRC members on the use of the database system and on general research data management topics will be provided. As an additional task in phase 2, we will support CRC projects with GIS and Remote Sensing services. This includes the data mining and pre-processing of satellite data, as well as the provision of Land-Use and Land-Cover (LULCC) classification maps from high resolution satellite imagery. Furthermore, a change detection analysis of these LULCC maps from the 1960s onwards will be conducted for selected study sites in close cooperation with the new subproject A05.

Partner Institutions