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Z02: INF

Project Z02

Data Management and Services (INF)



Principal Investigator

Bareth, Georg, Prof. Dr., Institute for Geography, University of Cologne,



Management and sustainable provision of research data have been recognized as central tasks in interdisciplinary research efforts. Consequently, the focus of the proposed service project Z02 (INF) will be on implementing a research data management (RDM) system which is secure, stable, multi-user operable and sustainable. The in-house developed and implemented CRC/TRR32-Database will serve as the core RDM system which has to be adapted to the needs and structure of the CRC. This will enable the system to be implemented in a first version for data upload after 6 months of the service project start. Major work packages comprise re-designing the structure and user interfaces, maintaining the RDM system, developing a corresponding metadata management system, establishing a data policy, and ensuring that the system is running properly in the regional computing centre of the University of Cologne. Continuous RDM training and support will be provided for all project partners.